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Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Warcaster Strakhov


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Wardog


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Widowmaker Solo


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Winterguard Riflemen


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Winterguard Riflemen


Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Winterguard Riflemen

Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Winterguard Riflemen








8/11/10 - For those not following along my YouTube channel has been going quite well. I started off with modeling some plastic kits, but currently I am on a miniature painting kick. Since my interests currently shift between model kits and miniatures, you will see videos going back and forth between the two genres. Making videos is far easier than writing articles, so this is likely the direction the site will take. Check out the link above for my channel, or look below for my first few miniature videos.

Painting Warhammer's Lokhir Fellheart Part 3

Painting Warhammer's Lokhir Fellheart Part 2

Painting Warhammer's Lokhir Fellheart Part 1

How to Paint Gold Part 2

How to Paint Gold Part 1

Dark Elves Showcase

5/12/10 - Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic YouTube channel is now live! This is my first attempt at making or editing any sort of video, so please forgive the mess while I learn. Also while I intend to upload videos regarding how to paint 28mm miniatures, I am starting out with larger scale plastic models since they are easier to show "How to" and also since that is what I am working on currently. Two subjects are currently being worked on; a Wave Maschinen Krieger Fliege kit and a Fine Molds 1/48th scale X-Wing. Enjoy!

3/18/10 - SCAHMS California Show 2010 gallery is now open. Where did the year go??

3/24/09 - The SCAHMS California Show 2009 photo gallery is now open! The show ended a bit sooner that I was expecting, so I missed several minis. On the flip side this years' photos came out very well overall.

10/01/08  - A new round of auctions has started. This week's offerings include some Warmachine Khador warcasters, Flames of War Americans, and a Corvus Belli Infinity warband.

8/18/08 - I've uploading a whole slew of photos of minis I have been hording for the past month. My current project is a 1/72nd WW2 force, made up of Valiant Miniatures and a variety of plastic armor kits. I've created a new Ward gallery for them all. Oh, and PLEASE don't email me saying I painted the chevrons upside down. I didn't catch my mistake till the 8th mini!

7/14/08 - I've been DIYing again. How to Build a Portable Photography Booth.

5/26/08 - Just a little cleaning up done in the Referrals.

3/31/08 - For anyone waiting for my S.C.A.H.M.S. California Show coverage I am afraid I must report there will be no photo report this year. Just as I was leaving for the show I had a minor family emergency and unable to attend. I've broken my streak of nearly a decade of coverage. Sorry.

3/12/08 - A new gallery has been added to The Ward for Darkson Designs game AE-WWII. Also the Corvus Belli section has been expanded to include my Infinity Combined Army.

1/18/08 - I got off my duff and wrote a new article. Check out the latest addition to The Eldar Project, The Fire Prism.

8/2907 - What? You want MORE IPMS show coverage? Well then check out another 900+ photos on the KitMaker Network. You need to register to view them, though.

8/26/07 - The I.P.M.S. Nation Convention and Dragon Expo 2007 is over and I got over 800 (Eight freakin' Hundred!) photos. I have never seen so much plastic in one room. I was there for two days and I still didn't see the entire exhibition hall. I missed all the automobiles and most of the plane kits, but I got photos of figures, dioramas, armor, ships, anime, Gundam, fantasy, space, sci-fi and paper models.

Check out all the photos here. I had to ditch the Kublacon 2006 coverage to make a little room, but it hardly made a dent and I've likely overloaded my server. Since no one else wanted to host the photos I may have remove them after a few days. Enjoy them while you can!

8/1307 - I've mentioned it before, but I have a new found love for plastic model kits. In the past I never really got into plastic modeling, but now that I have a really nice display cabinet, I need big models to fill it. I started with some 1/72nd Dragon armor. The quality of the kits is outstanding.. with the exception of a Russian T34 that I almost tossed in the trash after getting to "step 3". That hiccup got me to try 1/48th scale and I am currently working on a Hobby Boss T-34 and a Tamiya M10. I've also started working with large amounts of photo etching. I think I'm going blind staring at those teeny tiny pieces. I've already sacrificed 3 bits to the carpet gods.

In two weeks I will be going to the International Plastic Modelers Society (I.P.M.S. bad abbreviation, I know) national convention in Anaheim California. This particular convention travels around the nation and I think it hasn't been in So Cal in like 20 years. I am super excited that I get to attend just as I'm getting into the plastic scene. The cherry on top is that Dragon Expo, another plastic modeler's convention, is taking place next to I.P.M.S. on the same weekend! Dual-convention glee!

I am planning on spend at least two days at both conventions, taking a ton of photos throughout the day. They will be posted here, but I am looking for some cross promotion. My non-miniature gaming convention coverage tends to get largely ignored. For example, I really enjoy photographing SCAHMS every year, but I get disappointed so few people enjoy it. This time I am looking for a co-host. If you have, or know of, a popular plastic modeling site that would enjoy hosting a massive amount of photos from the I.P.M.S. convention and Dragon Expo, please drop me a line.

On a related note, several of the Guests of Honor at both conventions will be holding an autograph session at Brookhurst Hobbies on Wednesday, August 22nd from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. There are too many to list here, but they are all artists, authors and modelers that have worked with Osprey and Dragon. Plus there will be raffle prizes!

3/22/07 - It's that time of year again! Another SCAHMS California Show has past, and once I got the snaps of all the magnificent miniatures. The lighting at the show still sucks, but I went with a new camera this year and the results were not too shabby. Enjoy!

3/05/07 - I'm still here! I have been taking a long break from painting hence the lack of updates. As summer rolls around I get more free time so you'll see more updates soon. Right now I have been just grinding out Battlefront tanks. Lots of repetitive work and not real update-worthy material.

My main reason for posting is to let you all know the site is not going away. Our server is having problems for the past several days and the site has been more often down than up. Also my email is kaput. I am told that everything will be fixed..., uh..., yesterday.

10/24/06 - Quick Battlefront gallery update. I have been building some Dragon 1/72th scale plastic tanks recently and I've come completely addicted. I never liked building 1/35th scale tanks because they were too large, and most smaller scale plastic tanks I've bought were uber cheap, quality-wise. However Dragon's new "Pro" series are incredible. The Sherman tank to the left is a little over 3 inches long and is made of more than 100 teeny tiny pieces! Glee!

8/15/06 - Today we have not one, but TWO new articles! First off, read up on how to Paint a 15mm M5A1 Stuart Tank. Next, learn how to get the waterslide transfers onto that tank, or any other model, with Applying Decals and Waterslide Transfers.

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