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This massive tome on the Russian T-34 tank provides a thorough study on everything from its development and background history, to also including the operational wartime service as well. Over 800 B+W photos! 74 pages provide photo details of unique differences in the various production models. A compiled list of T-34 serial numbers for wartime tanks and post-war examples as well. There are 58 pages of 1/35 scale plans detailing the various production versions. There are also five pages of 3D color computer cutaway models of the T-34/85 illustrating some of its distinguishing features, as well as a page of color profiles illustrating the differences in the 23 different road wheel designs, six idler wheel designs, and nine drive sprocket designs used on the T-34. The final section of the book offers eleven pages of color photos taken inside the hull and turret of a real T-34 tank. Have no doubts, this book is the "must have" reference on the subject. Get your copy today before it sells out. Copies of the first sold out print run sell today for over $400 each! Quantities are extremely limited! Worldwide reprint of only 500! Author: Robert Michulec, Miroslaw Zientarzewski Language: English text Format: Hard cover, large size, 9" x 12" Pages: 520 pages Photos: 800 B+W photos, 36 color interior photos. 20 pages of color profiles and 3D drawings, 58 pages of 1:35 scale drawings Publisher: Air Connection Publishing ISBN: 0-9781091-0-4

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