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8/09/06 - Remember the Golden Toadstools? Good! The GTs used to be co-hosted between The Painting Clinic and Electric Ocean, with discussions taking place on Yahoo! Groups. Unfortunately, I had to bail out of the co-op after I redesigned my site. In addition, the GTs have gone under a slight revamp.  Electric Ocean is still the place to enter, but now discussion takes place in the Fungal Forum at Check them out!

I am still working at updating the Referrals. While checking out sites to add, I have found myself spending an extensive amount of time at the Kit Builder Network. There is an incredible amount of painting advice to be found on the five major partners, not to mention the other 1200 member sites!

8/08/06 - Lots more miniatures now available on eBay!

8/01/06 - I have begun a new article called The Eyriss Project in The Lab. It is my quest to build a  better Eyriss for Warmachine. I will be updating as necessary with my progress. However, I am currently working on a few other items, so do not expect much right away.

7/30/06 - At this very moment I am trying to update the Referrals section (only two people emailed with links, grrrrr) while watching "So You Want to Be a Superhero" on the Sci-fi channel. It is very difficult to work while one is laughing hysterically and rolling on the floor. Check it out. Fat Mama with her belt-o-donuts. Now that's a hero!

7/20/06 - I think it's about time I update the Referrals section. I know there are a bunch of helpful painting sites out there that I do not have listed. However I decided to take a lazy route and let you guys do the update. If there are any painting sites out there and you visit regularly or have helped your l33t painting skillz, send me some mail with the link.

Please note the purpose of the Referrals section is to help fellow painters, not pimp merchandise, painting services, or provide free advertising so you can make a buck. You can promote your painting services by joining my webring, instead. I may make exceptions for painting services that also have a decent amount of self-help advice.

Get to work!

7/05/06 - It's figure cabinet clearance days! Check eBay for lots of painted goodies up for sale.

7/02/06 - Holy. Freakin'. Crap. Dragonlance movie in the works.

6/30/06 - To make up for the lack of updates I have uploaded a few photos from last month's Kublacon in Northern California. The photos mostly feature a 8,000 point Warmachine game and the painting contest. If you look carefully you will also find an unannounced, secret, here-is-your-first-chance-to-see-it, Crocodile Games Wargods "miniature". Remember, you DIDN'T see it here first. GOT IT?!

UPDATE: Wayne Rogers has more excellent photos from the Kublacon painting competition.

6/15/06 - There are a bunch of new and improved photos in the Battlefront section of The Ward. I've had an American tank force for over a year, but just recently started playing Flame of War. I'm enjoying it and I am quickly building up a larger, more diverse army. The game is a good balance between historical accuracy and just plain fun. On Sunday, June 18th Brookhurst Hobbies will be holding a World War II day, with all sorts of WW2 games. Hopefully I can get a few pick-up games. Stop on by and whoop my ass.

6/09/06 - The entire site should now be back up. I thought I was going to go need to remove a bunch of convention photos to save on web space, but it turns out that was not the case. I discovered the gallery generator I was using was taking up a huge amount of space. It was more than twice the size of the new gallery, with the same number of photos. Personally, I do not like the format of the new gallery, but with over 10,000 photos on the site, my options are limited.

Oh, and most importantly, the Firefox problem has been fixed.

6/04/06 - Over the next week I will be bringing down The Ward and Reports gallery and replacing them with a format that is easier to update. Also, web space has become an issue recently, so I will also be eliminating some galleries from the Reports section. Likely this will be the Games Workshop Grand Tournaments and Gen Con reports. Enjoy them while you can. I will also try to fix the Firefox problem at the same time.

5/25/06 - At the last moment I decided to take a trip up to San Francisco for the Kublacon convention. This will be my first non-working convention in a long time. Normally at cons I am selling stuff at a booth or painting miniatures under bad, flickering florescent lighting while giving painting demos and/or advice. Having a chance to actually play and have fun at a convention without any responsibilities will take some getting use to.

If all goes well I hope to get a bunch of people drunk so we can go to San Jose and beat up the nerds at the Anime convention. It will be an Anime Dweebs vs. Gaming Dorks rumble! Eat power fist, Inuyasha!

5/16/06 - Tuesday night is the season finale of Boston Legal. I have never watched the show, but I was at the filming of the episode. I have been on the set of several TV and film shoots, and I always end up thinking the same thing. I am in the wrong line of work. To be fair I am sure the work is a lot harder than it appears, but when you watch people standing around for 40 minutes to shoot for 10 minutes before taking another 40 minutes break, you start to question the whole "nose-grindstone" work concept which applies to most of us office-type workers. I watched some guy standing around holding a fake boom mic for a fake news report, which was taking part in the background of a shot. With all the union regulations, I bet he was getting paid the same as the guy hold the real boom mic. Another guy's job was to sit in the news van. That's it. Just sit there. It must of been a fascinating job interview. "Well, you can stand pretty well, but what are your qualifications in sitting?" That's showbiz.

Saw Bill Shatner. Damn, he's old. I can't believe he used to have sex with green women.

5/07/06 - An update to the Firefox problem. Several people have been very helpful with possible solutions. The easiest quick-fix is an add-on to Firefox called IE Tab. It allows you to view certain web pages in IE with a simple right-click. I would suggest this, since a permanent fix is going to take me a long time to implement.

On the lighter side, I have a beautiful miniature display cabinet in my living room. It was a rifle cabinet which belonged to my father. It was sitting in a garage by an open door for the past 10 years. It took me over a month to sand, bleach, putty, stain, varnish, add adjustable glass shelving, lights, and replace most of the hardware. I knew zero about woodworking or refinishing when I started the project. Now I know enough that I want to find another old piece of furniture and do it again. A few of the things I learned; measure twice, cut once, cover glass completely before sanding, and unplug the orbital sander before trying to replace the sanding pad.


5/01/06 - I have just learned that those using the Firefox browser are having problems navigating the new site. Firefox does not recognize the .dwt pages that are the basis for every page in the site. I used them in order to get rid of the frames and they have been integrated into every section. Fixing the problem would involve trashing everything and starting from scratch again.

Here's the deal; by check visitor stats I know that those of you using Firefox amounts to 0.06% of all visitors. Actually, 0.06% of you fit into the "other" browser category, so it is likely there are even less of you out there. In rounded numbers that is roughly 600 people out of 1,000,000 monthly visitors. I would REALLY like to make everyone happy, but I just cannot see trashing everything I just worked so hard on in order to make 0.06% of you happy. I will try to come up with an alternate Firefox-friendly version of the site, but so far I cannot think of a way. The new format is the backbone of the entire site and cannot be simply sidestepped. So for the moment, use IE, Netscape, Opera, or any other browser out there.

4/30/06 - Looks like I finally got everything back up and running. All sections should now be available, but I have yet to add most of the new features. Right now I am splitting my time between redesigning my page and refinishing my father's cabinet. The cabinet is nearly done and I am very proud on how it came out. Sorry I never posted the in-progress pictures like I wanted, but I kept forgetting to bring my camera when I drove down to work on it.

While redesigning the site I found several articles that got lost over the years. Regular visitors should check out The Clinic and Operations. You just may find something new and interesting!

4/25/06 - Roughly 85% of the site has been updated and brought back up. The Examinations section and parts of Reports still needs work. I have yet to double-check for bugs, so do not be surprised if you find a few.

3/28/06 - The SCAHMS California Show 2006 photo report is now online.

3/26/06 - It's bright and shiny new camera time! I picked up a brand new Canon A540 camera. A big step up from my very old Nikon. I am still messing around with a new lighting set-up, but I've managed to take a few decent photos. To celebrate I opened up the Hordes section of The Ward. Thank you, won't you?

I have over a hundred photos from last week's SCAHMS California Show, but I do not know what I will able to get them posted. Stay tuned.

3/16/06 - While cleaning out the garage I stumbled across a long out of production Armorcast Reaver and Warhound, those giant resin mechs for Warhammer 40k. I decided to put them up on eBay. The money is going towards a new digital camera so I can start writing and posting articles again. Hint, hint.

11/22/05 - The photo portion of my Gen Con SoCal 2005 Photo Report is now online. I hope to added the report part later.

11/11/05 - A few weeks ago I formatted my hard drive and in the process of resetting everything I messed up my website email and have not been getting any mail from one account. My apologizes to those that have recently emailed me. I am going through and responding to them all as fast as I can.

11/02/05 - On Friday, November 18th and Saturday November 19th I will be at GenCon SoCal's "Paint n' Take" table giving away painting advice and back massages. The advice is free to all. The massages are available only to young ladies of legal age.

6/29/05 - Today is a big day! Not only is there a new article, but it is my first terrain article! Oooooo! Well, it is nothing groundbreaking, but at least it is something! Check out the new article on Pegasus Hobbies Palm Trees.

3/24/05 - The SCAHMS California Show 2005 gallery is now open!

3/11/05 - The Marauder has been added to the Converting Warmachine Warjacks article.

3/10/05 - Yes, I am alive. The lack of updates have been due to my addiction to World of Warcraft. I'm sure most of you understand.

There is a new things in the pipe. First, there will be a small update to my Converting Warmachine Khador Warjacks article. Second, the SCAHMS California Show is this weekend and I will, as always, be bringing you full photo coverage! Check out the previous coverage while you wait.

Speaking of photo coverage, I am in the market for a new digital camera. My Nikon Coolpix 995 is getting too many gray hairs. It has been several years since I shopped for a camera, so any recommendations are appreciated. It should be at least 4.0 mega-pixels and under $300. It will be mainly use for photographing miniatures, but on occasion taken on the rare vacation.

12/17/04 - Boy, a day or two sure takes a long time, don't it? GenCon SoCal coverage is now up!

12/07/04 - The GenCon SoCal 2004 report should be up in another day or two. In the meantime check Electric Ocean for full coverage.

10/25/04 - For those not aware, Eldar Online has closed doors, perhaps for good. At any rate I have moved The Eldar Project back home. I am also working on getting a new forum set up.

I forgot to mention it, but the Golden Toadstool painting competition has found a new home. The monthly competition is now co-hosted by Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic and Electric Ocean. The contest is also now open to everyone, but it is still highly suggested those entering join the Masterclass Miniature Painter Yahoo Group. Check out its new home.

10/24/04 - I am back up and running! Turns out my power supply was slowly dying on me. Thanks to everyone who emailed with advice.

10/22/04 - I may be unreachable for a few days. I am having some serious computer problems and it looks like it is going to be the old guessing game to figure out the cause of the problem.

If there are any computer gurus out there, help would be most appreciated. When powering down my computer attempts to power back up, and then down again. This cycle keeps repeating until it manages to finally power back up. It is like repeatedly flicking a power switch on and off. It is now starting to do the same thing when I turn the computer on.

This odd problem has come out of no where. I have installed no new hardware or software. I even formatted the hard drive and did a clean reinstall of XP. I also updated the BIOS with no change. HELP!

10/6/04 - I have opened a new section of The Ward for my Battlefront Flames of War American force.


Gen Con So Cal, December 2-5, Paint & Take Volunteers Needed!

Paint & Take is a free workshop event to both introduce attendees to the mini painting hobby, and to showcase products from various manufacturers.  People sign up, and when their name is called, they can sit down and paint a mini of their choice--FREE! We've got everything they need, including teachers. 

I'm desperately looking for volunteers who can help out at the So Cal Paint & Take this year.  It's a new event for So Cal, but we've been running it for years at Indy.  Even if you cannot paint, you can help out with sign-up, set-up and clean-up. If you can "drybrush" and handle basic "washes", you can help teach these basics to the attendees while sitting down and painting something yourself.  Chat about the hobby, the techniques, or your greatest gaming moments!  Become part of a great group of people showing how much fun our hobby can be.

Contact Sue Wachowski for information on volunteering and just what it can get you!

Sue Wachowski

Gen Con Hobby Event Coordinator


9/10/04 - The yanks are coming to the rescue! I've just started painting a Flames of War WW2 American tank force. Once again I am going overboard and painting them with WAY more detail than required for 15mm figures. Likely I will soon regret it, but for now they are looking damn good!

9/02/04 - Two new minis! The Devastator and Greylord to the left are hopefully the start of the end of my painting slump. As Terry of Electric Ocean would say, FINALLY!

8/26/04 - The last pieces of my Confrontation Orc army are up for auction

Brookhurst Hobbies and Adiken are running a special painting contest. Grand prize winner gets a complete paint set! Check here for details.

8/19/04 - Today we have a new article on homemade movement trays, by Assistant Doc Michael Miller.

8/03/04 - More auctions are up. Nothing pretty, just old stuff from the bowels of the closet.

Electric Ocean has photos from Games Day Chicago.

7/24/04 - A new batch of auctions are up.

7/11/04 - First we have the June 2004 edition of the Golden Toadstool competition.

Second, I've been toying around with some new photo backdrops and camera adjustments and finally came up with something most excellent. This means better photos from now on.

Third, the Confrontation Armored Dwarf Chariot is finally done! There are more finish photos in The Lab, along with the brief, pre-article, how-to.

7/03/04 - I have just posted a new article on painting Bile Thralls of the Cryx faction from Warmachine. This is the first in a series covering most of the Cryx miniature line.

Since I  got so many emails regarding the Dwarf Chariot in The Lab, I added a very brief painting guide there as well.

6/30/04 - I added some progress photos of a large project to The Lab.

6/30/04 - My eBay auction are ending today. Keep on bidding!

6/24/04 - I just put up a bunch of new painted stuff on eBay. Check out the lovely paint job on the motherboard!

6/22/04 - Big update to The Ward. So big I decided to extend the Latest Patients group to the left.

6/18/04 - Assistant Doc Jason Pyett brings to the table a new article on painting GW's Eldar Fire Dragons. You lucky bastards!

6/16/04 - Today we have two goodies. The Golden Toadstool May 2004 gallery, and in Examinations is a review of Renaissance Ink Ink. Er, Ink.

Also I forgot to mention the Origin Awards ballots have been open for about a week. Personally, I have no love for the Origin Awards, as the nomination process is highly biased. If you do choose to vote, remember there is a "write in" section if your choice of best product is not available. Let's not have the WOTC Beholder incident happen again, alright?

5/30/04 - Since some things, including opinions, change over time I have added new comments to several of the product reviews in the Examination section. See if the "best product ever" of 2001 is still hot or not.

5/13/04 - Today we have two new goodies. First is the Golden Toadstool April 2004 gallery. Second, and much bigger, is the results of the Fungal Showdown 2004. The Showdown was open only to winners of the Golden Toadstool competition from the past year. Not only does it include prime cuts of mini-goodness, but full write-ups from the artists!

5/08/04 - A bit more news regarding the rhino that was illegally entered in the LA Golden Demon. I have been contacted by the person who originally converted the model and commissioned the paint job. He stated he sold the model a few years ago and was not the same one who entered the model into the competition. The model was apparently entered by the buyer. This not only clears him of any wrong-doing, but makes him another victim, since the person who entered it not only did not paint it, but did not convert it either! What a tangled web we weave. A lot of hands have touched this model, but the only guilty party is the one who entered it into the competition.

4/26/04 - First the good news. Electric Ocean has more coverage of LA Games Day, with more and better photos, including a video! Plus Lilliana Troy has photos of her Slayer Sword winning entry on her page, Fellshadow.

Now the bad news. I have discovered that one of the models entered into the competition was not entered by the artist, a clear violation of the Golden Demon rules. The following model was painted, but not converted, by a friend of mine, several years ago on commission. At this time it is unknown if the model placed in the competition, but that is not important.

lagd24k047.JPG (94912 bytes)   GDLA_04_Entries114.jpg (194596 bytes)

The proper GW authorities have already been notified, and hopefully the person will be banned from all future Golden Demon contests. I have decided not to name the guilty party because as of now, he is a non-person.

There are two things to learn from this. First, and obviously, it is highly unethical to take credit for someone else's work. The second thing is a much more important lesson for anyone thinking of trying the same stunt.  This model was painted over seven years ago, by someone other than myself, and there are no known photos of it from the past for comparison. Despite all of this, I still recognized the model! 

Remember this; If you try to enter someone else's work in a painting competition, no matter how old or obscure the model, no matter how clever you think you are, no matter how remote you think the chances are of the model being recognized, WE WILL FIND YOU!!!

4/24/04 - My full photo coverage of Games Workshop's Los Angeles Games Day 2004 Golden Demon competition is now online. Remember, you saw it here first!

3/24/04 - There is a fresh new article up in Operations! Join me as we go over painting a Warmachine Marauder, and learn about the troubles of reds.

3/20/04 - A little late since I am having troubles with Yahoo!, but the February 2004 Golden Toadstool Gallery is now up.

3/14/04 - It's that time of the year again, and the SCAHMS California Show 2004 has come and gone. Of course I was there so I could provide you guys with hundreds of photos of the best painted models on the West Coast. Enjoy!

3/09/04 - Things are cookin' around here! I have been busy, but hopefully a new painting article will be up shortly. 

I normally do not "puff out my chest" when it comes to a paint job, but check out that damn fine Man o' War to the left. It is not great, but I painted it less than a day! Normally it takes me a week per miniature, but I finished two of these guys in as many days! Woot!

2/27/04 - Just got official word that i-Kore, makers of Void and Celtos, are going out of business. Seems someone on the inside was cooking the books! Let us have a moment of silence for another lost miniature maker. That's enough. Now get to those discount bins!

2/13/04 - I have a few new auctions up. Bid high, bid often.

2/09/04 - The January 2004 Golden Toadstool gallery is now online.

2/01/04 - Games Workshop has posted issue six of Black Gobbo, their weekly e-zine. There is a very nice article on painting various types of metal effects. Go here, and click on the Black Gobbo link.

1/18/04 - Assistant Doc Jason Pyett has written an excellent article on how to paint GW Eldar Howling Banshees. Check it out, and look for more of Jason's work in the future.

1/09/04 - I am pleased to announce the opening of the new Miniature Spotlight! The MS will feature various subjects of the miniature world that I feel deserve more exposure. Johnny Wong's personal gallery is a great subject to this new series. I also opened the Warmachine section in The Ward.

1/07/04 - The December 2003 Golden Toadstool competition gallery is online. There were some excellent entries this month. If  you do not check out the GT normally, make an exception this time. I also pruned some of The Ward.

1/06/04 - Where does all the time go?!?! It seems like months since I've sat down and done some serious painting, or updated the site. Maybe that is because is HAS been months! My new year resolution is to put more effort into the site once I get finished with the lump of metal sitting on my painting desk.

So far I managed to do some clean up in the Referrals section. Soon I will be removing the "Pick of the Week", since I don't have the time to look for suitable material, and replacing it with sometime a bit more interesting and informative. I will also be cleaning up The Ward. My ego has finally gotten the best of me and I will be removing much of my earlier (read crappy) models. Basically, any photo with a two-tone background will be dissappearing.

12/10/03 - The November 2003 Golden Toadstool competition gallery is now online. Also just to clarify, I will be at GenCon SoCal on Thursday and Friday only, but you can take the new Adikolor paints for a test drive all four days.

12/09/03 - Get your minis and dice ready, cause GenCon SoCal is just around the corner! I was not planning on doing anything special at this convention, but it looks like things have changed. Since there will be no painting classes or contests at this convention, I decided to step forward to show those Indy people that we West-Coasters paint as well! I will be running some painting demos at the Brookhurst Hobbies/Adiken/i-Kore booth throughout the day on Thursday and Friday. Stop by to get a hands-on demo of the new and improved Adikolor paints. All the miniatures, brushes and paints will be supplied. I'll be there to help you painting pupils anyway I can.

12/04/03 - Finally got my eBay auctions up and running. Most of the pieces up for sale I painted years ago, but there are some real gems available. Plus there are two higher quality models for sale, both GenCon Indy award winners. Click here and bid!

11/23/03 - I am back online. I will be unpacking for a few weeks, but at least I am around to answer any emails.

11/19/03 - It's moving day! I'm moving to a new home, so I may be out of touch for a few days. The good news when I'm back online I'll be on broadband. Yeah baby! Stick that in your 56k pipe and smoke it!

Once back I will be auctioning off a ton of painted and unpainted miniatures I've accumulated over the years. Stay tuned for the Painting Clinic moving sale!

11/12/03 - The October 2003 Golden Toadstool gallery is now online.

10/24/03 - I'm in print! The latest issue of Casketworks, Reaper's quarterly catalog has this little chunk of the web as their favorite site. Proof that butt-kissing Ron really pays off!

Regarding the High-Dark Elf conversions that has some of you curious. I have been working on a Dark Elf army for quite some time. I finally got around to building some warriors and crossbowmen, but I did not like many of the over-spiky parts on the Dark Elf models. In place of those I am incorporating parts from the High Elf model range. What I started as a way to make the models more visually appealing, I decided to turn into an army theme; Dark Elves: Early Kingdom. They just got booted off the mainland, so still have some remnants of their evil High Elf brothers.

It is surprising how a simple conversion can spark an idea for an entire army. In the past two weeks I have painted more of the army than I have in the past year.

Inspiration rules.

10/19/03 - Looks like there are still some remnants of the outage last week. The search engine is still off line. However, the good news is we have a new article called Basing Tips brought in by Assistant Doc Chris. Check it out.

10/13/03 - The September 2003 Golden Toadstool gallery is now up. If that is not enough mini goodness for you, has posted the 9th annual Visions in Color showcase.

Oh yeah, and my finger still hurts.

10/13/03 - We are back after a severe outage for the past two days. Apparently a hamster ate through one of the firewires. Technical, ain't I? I'll be posting the September Golden Toadstool gallery in a few hours. I just plunged a hobby knife deep into my knuckle and it is hard to type with a mummified finger. Ouch!

9/16/03 - Greetings low IQers! While browsing my own page I realized I've posted almost no pictures of my Dark Elves army which I have been painting for the better part of the year. I also added more Rackham Orcs to The Ward

Sorry about the "low IQers" jab. The first season of Rocky & Bullwinkle came out of DVD and I've been watching it non-stop for two weeks. I am practicing my Bullwinkle-isms!

8/08/03 - Champ Industries Terrain Bases have been reviewed in Examinations, and the orcs keep rollin' in. I noticed the Rackham gallery is getting a bit cluttered. I'll see about breaking it down by faction.

8/06/03 - The July Golden Toadstools are now up. They are all goldenie and toadstoolie. I better go lie down.

8/05/03 - The Orcs have arrived! For several months I've been trying to put together a Rackham Confrontation Orc warband. I was having real troubles coming up the a paint scheme that would fit the entire Orc family, due to the wide variety of models in the range. They were spending more time sitting in paint stripper than on my work desk. Literally after the tenth time painting the same figure, I came up with something I liked. The first three are to your left, and there's more to come!

8/01/03 - As of today I have decided to drop the "Doctor Faust" identity I've been using on the web for the past several years. It was amusing to have a secret identity, but I feel that it has gotten to the point where Doctor Faust was getting a bit too popular, at my expense. The breaking point was when people started telling me Doctor Faust was a better painter than myself. If that's not enough to put you in a straight jacket, I don't know what will. He is being retired to the role of a mascot, and from this moment on I'll be myself, Anthony Karl Erdelji.

The webpage will not change, and I'll still be here to help all those in painting need. Its just that you'll be hearing from a real person instead of a cartoon character.

R.I.P Doctor Faust

7/30/03 - I'm back and have lots of photos from GenCon 2003 - Indy. Unfortunately, I got trapped into working most of the convention, so I did not get as many photos as I would of liked, but I still have several photos of the painting contest and upcoming miniatures and products from the exhibit hall. Oh, be sure to check Crocodile Games' GenCon coverage. You can even find some blurry photos of me!

6/25/03 - I finally got off my duff and posted the entries from the May 2003 Golden Toadstool painting competition.

6/17/03 - The final parts of the Los Angeles Games Day 2003 photo report are now up! These photos are from Assistant Doc Mike. Thanks Mike!

6/16/03 - I hope you all have been enjoying the LAGD coverage. There's still a bunch more photos I'm still processing, so be sure to check back again soon. Also, the search engine is now working. Huzzah!

6/11/01 - Another big chunk of Los Angeles Games Day 2003 photos are up. But wait. there's more! Check back in a couple of days for even more coverage!

6/07/03 - There are a bunch of new Los Angeles Games Day 2003 photos up, with more on the way. These are from Assistant Doc Rob and feature some of the excellent Warhammer 40k tables. Check back tomorrow for more.

6/01/03 - Photos from the first Los Angeles Games Day 2003 have begun to roll in! The first batch are from Assist Doc Tom W. If you have some Games Day photos you'd like to share, please send them in!

4/24/03 - The March 2003 Golden Toadstool gallery is now online.

4/15/03 - Good news! I've been informed by Werner Klocke, owner and sculptor of Freebooter Miniatures, that his website is now open and ready for international sales! Its currently only in German, so whip out that Babblefish and start buying! Unfortunately, Freebooter is not currently accepting credit cards, so buying may be a bit difficult, but for Klocke minis, its worth it.

3/27/03 - The SCAHMS California Show 2003 photo gallery is now open!

3/24/03 - I finally got around to posting photos from the February 2003 Golden Toadstool competition. I'm also working on my photo report of the SCAHMS California Show, 2003. There's a few hundred photos, so it will take me some time.

Many have emailed me regarding my "Raider of Tombs" miniature, and where you can get one. It's is by Freebooter miniatures of Germany. From what I've been told they do not do international sales, so you cannot get them unless you live in Germany. By the way, she is not called the "Raider of Tombs". I made that up since the real name of the mini is in German.

Finally, Games Workshop has posted the new rules for the Golden Demon painting competition on their page, so I've remove the rules from my page. Check here for them.

3/19/03 - I'll be out of town, and away from email, for a few days. Try not to miss me.

3/7/03 - I've posted photos of every miniature that made it to the California state finals of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings National Painting Competition 2003. See if you can spot yours, and try to guess who will make it to the regional finals!

3/5/03 - While surfing the web I found an excellent site, Fighting Pirannha Graphics. They sell dozens of decal sheets originally designed for Battletech mechs, but I think they would work perfectly on a space marine's shoulder pad. This would be a good place to look if you need a symbol for your home-made marine chapter. I have not tried any of their decals, so I cannot comment on the quality, but if you do order some, be sure to let's us know what you think.

2/24/03 - I have posted the new rules for Games Workshop's Golden Demon painting contest. There has been some major changes, so be sure to read them before beginning your GD projects. Some of the major changes are the eliminating of base-size restrictions, and all painting AND conversion work must be done by yourself. That means paying someone to do your conversion work is CHEATING! Check them out here.

2/19/03 - The January 2003 Golden Toadstool gallery is now online.

2/04/03 - The 8th annual Visions in Color gallery is now open at Miniature Check it out!

1/25/03 - Assistant Doc Chaptermaster brings us a new article on painting gems. Thanks Chap! On a separated topic those interested in Games Workshop's latest Lord of the Rings painting competition will be pleased to here I will be featuring coverage of some of the local competitions and the state finals! Check back often for daily updates.

1/12/03 - The December 2002 Golden Toadstool gallery is now online.

12/28/02 -  There's a new article on Reaper's Judas Bloodspire the vampire in Operations written by your favorite painting doctor. It covers working with black primer  and explains the two types of the non-metallic metal (NMM) technique. Check it out!

12/05/02 - Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic is the new home of the Golden Toadstool painting competition archive. Click the link to find out what the heck that is!

12/01/02 - The Paintier paint organizer product review has been added to Examinations.

11/27/02 - That time of year again and things are getting BUSY!!! Pesky work and school keep getting in the way of my painting, but I did manage to get several Dwarves for my Confrontation warband painted and up in The Ward. There are also two new articles in the works. Stay tuned!

11/13/02 - In my article on Shadowforge miniatures I posted a few weeks ago I commented that they claim their miniatures are 35mm when they are actually closer to 28mm. I was in error. It is only their magna line which is 35mm, the rest of their line is stated accurately as 28mm. My apologizes to Shadowforge.

11/06/02 - Assistant Doc Elliot of brings us two new articles. The first is an improved and complete version of his Citadel to Foundry Paint Chart. The second is about Home-Made Acrylic Retarders. Thanks Elliott!

11/0502 - There are two great events today. Its Election Day plus its my birthday. After you put a new criminal into office to replace the old criminal, buy me a present!

10/25/02 - A review of Shadowforge Miniatures has been added to Examinations.

10/24/02 - Got my camera working! Of all strange things it appears the battery charger crapped out and not the camera! I've celebrated by posting some photos of my latest work.

10/22/02 - Oh thank you God, thank you so bloody much! After spending a ton of cash getting my computer working it now looks like my relatively new and very expensive digital camera is in the crapper. So much for any new articles for the moment. If it turns out I need a new one I'll be selling a ton of minis on eBay to pay for it. Of course I'll need to take photos of those minis to sell them , but I don't have a working camera, so I can't sell anything, so I can't get a new camera!!!! ARGH!!!!

Before I go beat my head into the wall I've tweaked my email account and people can once again send in emails with attachments.

10/12/02 - I've added another three page of Euro Militaire 2002 coverage and there are still over half the photos to be processed and posted. Check back soon for the rest.

Got a photo to send me? Well forget it! Due to the number of virus' out there I am no longer accepting an emails with attachments. It's getting so bad I'm getting a dozen of them a day! I'll be setting up another email account shortly for people sending in news and Pic of the Week photos. Until that time you'll have to send me a link to whatever you have to show.

10/05/02 - The 3rd annual Chick Challenge is up and running! Here's your chance to paint a well endowed female figure for fun and profit. Well, maybe not profit. See True Believers for more details.

10/01/02 - The first page of the Euro Militaire 2002 coverage is up. There will be a bunch more in a few days.

9/27/02 - I'm back online part two! Turns out those bugs I had were due to a badly designed Abit IT7 motherboard. Piece o' crap that thing is!!! Well, I got a replacement and now I have to spend the next few weeks reinstalling EVERYTHING!

Now for the bad news. Somewhere between moving files and formatting drives I lost all the photos to my most recent painting article. I'll have to start from scratch. Doh!

GW's Los Angeles Grand Tournament is this weekend. Unfortunately I cannot make it down there to take photos for you all. Hopefully some generous attendees out there will send in their photos!

9/21/02 - Woot! I'm back online! I spent the last couple days building a new computer and of course they never work the first time. I'm still working out the bugs, but at least I'm back with a kick butt system!

Great news! I've got a ton of photos from EuroMilitaire 2002, the worlds premier historical miniature show! The photos have to be processed and I'm quite busy for the next few days, but I'll get them up as soon as I can. In the meantime check out the photos from last years EuroMilitaire in the Reports section.

9/5/02 - Elliot Saunders has been busy again and brings us a GW to Foundry Paint Conversion Chart for those citadel users out there that want to try out the Foundry Line of paints.

8/28/02 - GW paint users may want to check out the GW Paint Blending Chart II now in The Clinic thanks to Elliot Saunders.

8/19/02 - I am saddened to report Chris Bledsoe past away last night after a long battle with cancer. Chris was an industry icon who created Fasa's Crucible and worked on Warzone, just to name two. Chris recently formed his own company ZN Games to produce his own games, Undearthed and  Industrial Gothic. He was the first person to let me into the production side of games and miniatures. He was a friend and will be missed.

8/16/02 - The GenCon 2002 report is now up.

8/13/02 - I'm back from GenCon! It was quite an experience. I'll have a bunch of photos up a little later.

8/05/02 - I'll be leaving for GenCon in about 24 hours. I'll be checking my email and answering any painting question before I leave. After that I would appreciate it if you can hold off emailing me with any questions until I get back on Tuesday of next week. I'd rather not come home to have a couple hundred questions to answer. If you need help right away check my forum. Until next week take care and I'll see some of you at GenCon! Stop by and say hi! Buy me a beer! Peace out!

8/01/02 - I forgot to mention Anne Foerster, a.k.a Vaitalla of , will also be running painting demos at GenCon at 11:00am and 3:00pm everyday. She's a pro at the non-metallic metal (NMM) painting style and hopefully she'll show us how to do it right.

7/31/02 - Paul Pryor and Mike Hansen sent in some more Chicago Games Day photos. Thanks guys!

You got photos of Games Day? Let me know!

GenCon is right around the corner and there will be a bunch of painting demos and painting events happening. Check out a list of them here. I will be running some advanced demos around 12pm to 2pm everyday, but check the bulletin board where you get there. Those times may change.

7/2902 - Another Games Workshop Games Day has come and gone and we got holiday snaps! Big thanks to Paul Pryor for  sending in the pics of the Chicago Games Day. Check them out here. Unfortunately Games Workshop is still using the horribly scratched acrylic shields over the Golden Demon miniatures which makes for some terrible photos, but there are some real gems in there.

You got photos of Games Day? Let me know!

7/25/02 - Hold onto your brushes because THERE'S A NEW ARTICLE IN THE CLINIC!!!!!! Yes, yes, about time I know. This article deals with moving your miniatures around your game table. Learn how to make your own detailed movement trays and regimental bases. Click here!

We also have a new and improved Coat d'arms to old Games Workshop paint conversion chart thanks to Joseph. Click here to check it out.

7/09/02 - More Games Day photos for ya'll! Battle Paint has lots of photos of Games Workshop Games Day 2002. If you want more don't forget to check out these sites:

Games Workshop has plenty of photos posted (of course) included shots of some unreleased Fantasy Undead and 40k Chaos models. Has a ton of random photos. Most are of gaming tables, but there are a few photos of unreleased minis and of the painting contest. Thanks Jason!

You got photos of Games Day? Let me know!

7/08/02 - Do you know what irony is? Its Wizards of the Coast Chainmail game winning the Best New Fantasy or Sci-Fi Miniature Rules award two weeks after they kill off the game. Good going WOTC! Let's hope D&D never wins an award of they'll get rid of it, too.

Anyway, I've got my plane tickets and I'm all set for GenCon! This is my first time to GenCon and I'm really psyched. There is nothing set in stone, but I'm hoping to run some painting demos. We'll see what happens. I look forward to meeting as many Painting Clinic fans and Internet acquaintances as possible. I also look forward to getting a bunch of free swag for the Examinations section from all of those wonderful and generous game companies. Hint! Hint! :)

7/02/02 - Games Workshop's Baltimore Games Day has come and gone once again. And once again I'm left looking at the photos since I couldn't go! :(

The Golden Demon painting contest was filled with plenty of stunning minis (and a little controversy) once again. Congratulations to all the winners. Special congrats go to Victor Hardy for winning the Sword for a second time (a North American first) and to painting buddy Jason Moses of True Believers for taking home his first two Demons ever!

Enough with the pats of the back, let's see some photos!

Games Workshop has plenty of photos posted (of course) included shots of some unreleased Fantasy Undead and 40k Chaos models. Has a ton of random photos. Most are of gaming tables, but there are a few photos of unreleased minis and of the painting contest. Thanks Jason!

6/20/02 - Welcome to the new and improved Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic! As you've already noticed I've made several changes to the front page. The News section has moved to this page. I've also added a section below where I'll be keeping you all up to date on news in the industry.

I've closed the Assistant Doctor section and integrated all the articles into The Clinic or Operations. Hopefully this will make it easier to find that article you're looking for. Of course I'm still accepting new articles if you have one to submit.

Product Reviews is now called Examinations and will feature more reviews on miniature and paint supplies. This section is now open for guest articles, so you can submit your thoughts on the latest miniatures or paints.

Below the Pic of the Week is a new section called "On the Web". Here you will find links to off-site painting and modeling articles. Since this is new please let me know of any articles you've written so I can get it off the ground. I'll be adding a form so you can submit your links directly, but until that time just email me with your links.

On the other side (lower left) is the Painting Clinic search engine! Find those painting articles quick and easy!

I'll be added more goodies later on. Let's just see if I got all the bugs worked out first. Enjoy the new Painting Clinic!

6/6/02 - Chapter 4 of The Eldar Project should be online shortly. This chapter deals with an improved interchangeable weapon system and conversion. Surprisingly, there is no painting information in this chapter! I've zipped it off to Eldar Online, who's hosting this series of articles, but they are offline for the next few days due to a server change. Hopefully the article will be up once they are back online.

There is a new miniature game coming out. Its called Dark Age. Its based off fantasy artist Brom and is a skirmish game with unit cards Confrontation style. Looks nice.

6/01/02 - Hi gang! A few new tips for all of you. MTiller brings us a new article on Painting Skeletons Fast. That's a total of seven articles we now have on painting skeletons! A Painting Clinic regular, Brandi Weed, brings us another tip on how to paint glasses. Last but not least Brad Grinstead has a tip on pinning models together. Thanks gang!

You Chaos converters may be interested in a conversion contest held by . Create the most chaotic chaosy-looking Chaos guy you can and win the new Archon model!

5/23/02 - What a week! Its been very busy in my household recently. Its finals week and work has been a royal pain. The good news is just one more final and one busy weekend and I have a very slow summer to relax and work on some new articles. I've got some milling around my head, including Chapter 4 of The Eldar Project, but just haven't had the time to get them down.

As many of you know its Games Workshop's Summer of Chaos. GW is releasing a whole slew of new models and they are tempting me to build a new Fantasy army. I just finished read a huge review of the new Chaos book and there are some highs and lows. The biggest disappointment is that demons now have almost the same rule as Undead if they lose combat. You roll a leadership test. If you pass, you lose some models. If you fail you lose THE ENTIRE UNIT!!!! That SUCKS! Spend months painting up a unit and lose them in seconds! Ah well, back to the books.

5/16/02 - Added a Convention Report from SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society) 2000 California Show. It was the first time I took my new camera out of the studio. Poor lighting and my inexperience with the camera lead to some very poor photos. I was not planning on posting them, but since I have yet to find any other photos from The Show on the web, I figured something was better than nothing. Also added a few photos to the Wizards of the Coast section in The Ward.

4/22/02 - Added some "in progress" photos to The Lab and fixed the missing links to the Reaper Miniatures section in The Ward.

4/11/02 - The new Ward is now open. I've organized everything by company and game. I think I got all the bugs worked out, but let me know if you find any.

4/9/02 - Added a bunch of new miniatures to The Ward. There are a few new ones in almost every section, but they are mainly in the Reaper, Ral Partha, Foundry, and Warhammer Undead sections. I've also added two new sections. One for Wizards of the Coast's Chainmail and Dungeon and Dragons miniatures, and a section for Large Scale Miniatures, just to move them out of the Other Manufacturers section. I noticed The Ward is getting rather bloated and difficult to navigate. I'll either stop painting or reorganize it. I think I'll do the later.

For those out there that offer miniature painting service I've started a web ring devoted to you! It will serve as a wonderful resource for those looking for your services. Think of it as a miniature mini mall! Click here for more info.

3/21/02 - Chapter 3 of The Eldar Project is now available at Eldar Online. This month I go over painting Wraithguards, Wraithlords, fading, pinning, and interchangeable weapon systems.

3/20/02 - Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic is association with Eldar Online present Doctor Faust's Painting Forum! This is a new way for people to get all the painting advice they need. Post any of your painting questions and I'll be happy to answer them. If I can't then there are plenty of other painters on the list that can. I will still continue to answer any questions via email, but the forum will be of more help to you, me, and anyone else who ever asked "How do I do that?". Visit The Painting Forum!

3/11/02 - I did some spring cleaning in my Referrals sections. Cleaned out the dead links and added some new ones.

2/26/02 - For those of you that follow my eBay auctions I've changed my user ID to paintingdoctor to make it easier to find me. I've also put some goodies up for sale.

2/15/02  - Chapter 2 of The Eldar Project is now up at Eldar Online. This chapter deals with the fundamentals of painting and Eldar Guardians. Peter Pig has hit US soil! Peter Pig will be running demos of their games this Friday and Saturday this weekend at OrcCon. Earlier this week they ran a few games at Brookhurst Hobbies and I got some photos of a really nice Eastern Front tabletop they brought with them. You can find them here.

2/12/02 - Greetings painting friends. Its convention time once again and this weekend I'll be at OrcCon near LAX. On the home front my second chapter of The Eldar Project is nearly finished and will soon be available for viewing at Eldar Online. Finally, I just purchased a new digital camera. Its much better than my old one, so now the photos in my articles will be much more detailed and more accurate in color. Your welcome!

1/02/02 - Happy New Year everyone! The first chapter of my Eldar Project is now online and available for viewing at Eldar Online.

12/11/01 - He's not dead, he's resting! It's the season to be busy, hence the lack of updates in a while. Between work and school I haven't had much time for updates or painting. I must also admit I've been spending too much time playing Dark Age of Camelot. Curse that game! I am working on a mega stand-alone Eldar army article in collaboration with Eldar Online and I hope to have the first chapter done before the first of the year. In the meantime be sure to give a wave if you see Damascus Ala'badul traveling around Albion.

Remember that just because I'm not posting any articles doesn't mean YOU can't submit your work to the Assistant Doctor section (hint! hint!)

10/31/01 - Assistant Doc Dominic Frank has sent us an article on Painting Eyes. Also, Assistant Doc Sentinel XIII has sent in some photos to go with his Painting Skeletons article. Thanks guys!

10/22/01 - The Euro Militaire 2001 convention report is now available. Featured are some of the best artists in the world, so be sure to check them out.

I forget to mention this a while ago, but True Believers is running their second annual "Chick Challenge". Paint up your favorite female figure and compete against the rest. There's no prizes, just a chance to have some fun. Entries must be in before October 31st, so hurry up!