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These articles are devoted to specific miniatures, as opposed to the articles in "The Clinic" which are more generic in nature.


Painting Judas Bloodspire

Painting 150mm Space marine

Painting Games Workshop Bloodthirster

Painting a Verlinden Zombie Bust

Painting a Armorcast Baneblade

Painting & Converting a Armorcast Chaos Baneblade

Painting & Converting Barok the Chaos Dreadnought

Painting Games Workshop Skeletons I

Painting Games Workshop Skeletons II

Painting Games Workshop Skeletons III

Painting Games Workshop Skeletons Fast

Painting Games Workshop Ghouls

Painting Ghouls

Painting a Games Workshop Black Coach

Painting & Converting Manfred Von Carstien and Dragon

Painting Games Workshop Space Marines

Painting Games Workshop Space Wolves

Painting Games Workshop Night Lords Chaos Space Marines

Painting Games Workshop Grey Knights

Weathering Games Workshop Space Marines

Converting Games Workshop Undead Horses

Painting Games Workshop Boars

Painting FASA's Vor Shard

Building & Painting An Army In 21 Days

Painting Ral Partha Crucible Goblins

Painting Mechs for Dummies

Painting Zoids

Painting Games Workshop Eldar Howling Banshees

Painting a Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Marauder Warjack

Painting Games Workshop Eldar Fire Dragons

Painting Privateer Press Warmachine Cryx Bile Thralls

Painting Privateer Press Warmachine Cryx Mechanithralls

The Eldar Project: The Planning Stage

The Eldar Project: Painting Basics and The Guardians

The Eldar Project: Wraithguards & Wraithlord

The Eldar Project: The War Walker

The Eldar Project: Striking Scorpions & Howling Banshees

The Eldar Project: The Fire Prism

Converting Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Warjacks

Building & Painting Pegasus Hobbies Palm Trees

Painting a 15mm Stuart Tank (American Armor)