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The Clinic

Basic "How-to" Articles


Quick Painting Tips

Highlighting & Shading

Games Workshop Paint Blending Chart

GW to Foundry Paint Conversion Chart

Acrylic Retarders

Painting Flesh

Painting Flesh II

Painting Caucasian & African Flesh

Basing Your Miniatures

Magnetic Basing

Basing with Clay

Quick Basing Tips

Choosing your Brushes

Painting Eyes I

Painting Eyes II

Using Metallic Paints

Painting Oxidized Metallics


Using a "Magic Wash"

Using Oil Washes



Painting White, Black & Red

Polishing Metal

Removing Paint

The Paint Removal Experiment

Ever Insane's Paint Stripping

Painting Gemstones

Painting Gems

Converting Miniatures

Pinning I

Pinning II

Painting an Army

Painting 15mm Miniatures

Painting 15mm Horses

Speed Painting

Sculpting Miniatures

Using Technical Pens

Making Movement Trays

Basewood Movement Trays

Painting Lightning Bolts

Painting Flats

Applying Decals and Waterslide Transfers

Building a Portable Photography Booth