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Sails would be furled above the yard in  harbour and below the yard when at sea (individual's choice).


This shows topgallants and courses furled. Could be used in action or when manoeuvring.


This has the courses, tops and topgallant sail set.


Tops and topgallants set, courses furled. Used where possible in action to avoid the chance of the lower sails (courses) being set on fire by the discharge of the guns.


Easy sail with topgallants furled. Courses and tops set.


Shows all the square sails set, courses, tops, topgallants and royals.


Similar to APS but with the inclusion of stay sails (fore and aft sails rigged between the masts on a vessel's stays).


This has additional sails extending out from the 'all plain sail' set. 
These are set in the style known as 'gull wing' - common for its sailing efficiency as it allowed the quartering wind to reach the fore sails more effectively.


We've called this set 'full complement' because it comprises the APS set, plus staysails, plus gull wings. This configuation would have been used in light airs to gain every drop of wind.


The 'Easy' Sails





The 'easy sails' where courses are furled, are sometimes referred to as 'fighting sail'. This was preferred because it got the lower sails out of the way. However, the sail set a vessel fought at was dictated by prevailing conditions. The British fleet at the Nile for example, commenced the battle at studding sail and then anchored. Similarly, at the Battle of Trafalgar, the British fleet commenced at studding sail whereas the Franco-Spanish fleet were at easy sail.


All Plain Sail
Shows all the square sails set, courses, tops, topgallants and 


Full Sail
Sails are exactly as All Plain Sail aboveplus Stay Sails (as in diagram opposite).

Please note: the brass stay sails are individual pieces and are to be positioned/glued to masts and rigging.


Studding Sail
This kit comprises the All Plain Sail above plus gull wings. The gull wings attach to the main and fore sails as in the diagrams below (the main studding sail going behind the main sail on the port side and the fore studding sail in front of the fore sail on the starboard side.



Full Complement
This kit comprises the All Plain Sail kit, plus stay sails and gull wings.

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